Customer Order Status Emails To Include Shipping Information

I have noticed that when you "Add shipment" to an order. You have the option to change the status of the order. In this case I change it to "Complete". But doing so, this sends out 2 separate emails to the customer.

One that includes the shipment information, and the second that just states that the order has been "completed".

I am wondering if it is possible to have the shipment information added to the "Complete" order status email. Or if that isn't possible, can I edit what is found on the "Add Shipment" email.

Hope this makes sense, and thank you!

Unfortunately there is no way to combine these e-mails without additional code modifications.

If you don't use complete for other things, just disable sending of email for that status. Generally when a customer receives a shipping confirmation, they could care less if the order is considered complete or not. They will now if the notification includes all items they've ordered or whether they have to wait for shipping confirmation of any remaining items that might ship later.

Thanks for the info. Very much appreciated!

I'm finding this hard to get around, when I create a shipment I'm not yet ready to set the order status to shipped, as it didn't left the warehouse yet, but if I don't do this when I create the shipment it's impossible to let the customer know of the tracking number afterwards.

This would be solved if it was possible to add an extra field to the Order Info (like in older CSC versions), bellow the name of the carrier/shiping method, this way when we set the order status to "Shipped" the tracking number would be on the invoice. Is it possible to add this field to the invoice?

Ok, I see that's hard to do, and what if there is a way to send the shipping notification to customer at another time, not when creating the shipment but afterwards? Is there a way to notify the customer about the shipment without having to be at the same time the shipment is created?

Thank you