Customer Notes

I have a cs-cart going for some time now and my merchant tells me that customers have been calling up saying that any notes that were added to the order at checkout time are not getting to them at the store.

Sure enough, I did a test order and put test comments in the notes regarding the order field at the end and nothing was reflected on the order status in the admin section, nor in the comments list for latest reviews and comments and not either on the invoice.

I have looked up and down and have searched this forum for the last hour and can’t find any similar issues. I’ve also looked at all the checkboxes in every part of the configuration of the store and nothing indicates a check box that would enable that.

Does anyone have any ideas on this issue?



Have you made any modifications to any of the template files?

The only template that I added some text to was the invoice.tpl in the AquelleGreen theme skin. I checked on this and just replaced the custom template with the one from the download, going back to the original. In both cases, the notes did not appear. The notes also do not appear on the order status in the admin section. I checked and on both .tpl files, the following exists, but is not returning anything, it appears:

{* /Order totals *} {if $order_info.notes} {$lang.notes}:


Is there any other way to check for the existence of this variable? I was noticing that on earlier orders before the service pack 3, the text was present in the notes field of the database database

Have a look in the database to see if the field is being populated

cs-cart_orders notes.

I just checked and cscart_orders.notes or details is not populating on checkout with my test order.

I don’t know what happend, but I checked and prior to the service pack, I was able to take notes. Perhaps this may be a bug introduced in the SP? I am using aquelle green theme.

If you find a workaround, I would love to know it.



It’s a bit long winded but you try WinMerge, and compare your upgraded files with those from a clean install. It must be one not upgraded properly or corrupt. Try starting with cart pages. I’m using 1.3.5sp4 and my notes are working fine, this was upgraded from 1.3.5sp2 to 1.3.5sp3 and then to 1.3.5sp4, manual upgrade not with store manager.

Thanks. That’s a great program and I will use it for other things, I’m sure.

There are too many “different” files than I think there should be - especially in Core and places where I haven’t modified anything.

So, I guess I need to do a clean install? How would you suggest going about that. I mean, what is the best way at this point? I have a lot of product images and categories and so forth already on the live store.



All of your data is in the database so the only thing you need to worry about is your images. I would probably delete all of your files with the exception of images and config and reupload a fresh file from the full version. Note: upload zipped file to server then unzip.

As always, back up before proceeding.