Customer List

I hope someone can help. I am not very experienced doing this type of thing and I do not want to make a mess of it. Here is what I have done so far.

  1. I exported my customer list from my Volution cart. I now have it in Excel in cvs format.
  2. I have also exported my cscart_users database (customer passwords unreadable) using Myphpadmin.
  3. I changed the customer list headers from the Volution file to the corrected ones the the database will look for.
  4. I tried to import this file using MyPHPAdmin. I got error code #1604. It is asking for the login, password, etc to access the database.

    I do not know how to plug this information into the cvs spreadsheet so it will import. Also, will it import the customers passwords correctly?

    It looks like I will need to do the same thing for cscart_user_profiles. Am I correct?

    Maybe I need to ask if there is an easier way…is there some way to import these files directly into CS-Cart? I have searched the forum and not found “the answer”.