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In the checkout process, the second step called “Customer info”. in which file can I see the code for it?

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Hi Bob,

How are you?

I haven’t found this folder that you wrote. are you sure about the path?

and also - are those the files for the customer info on the checkout process?


In v2, the full paths are:




The files are used in both profiles and checkout. They are called by ‘includes’ in /skins/YOURSKIN/customer/views/checkout/customer_info.tpl


Ok, And in Version 1.3.5?

In the customer info, in the right side, there’s text: “Don’t want to register an account? Just proceed with purchase.”

Where can I fine the code for it?

In 1.3.5, look at:




This is getting old- you need to take some initiative. It took me less than 60 seconds to find these using the information I previously provided.

These forums are not meant to be constant unpaid one-on-one tutoring for you and a few others who seem to mistake their purpose. I am already anticipating your next question about what to change in those files.

I am all for helping each other out here, but if you are in over your head, you might consider hiring CS-Cart or one of the capable professionals who market their services in these forums.

Hi Bob, thank your your direction.

I thing you got me all wrong. I do know how programing, but because this software was build by external company, I don’t know which file consist my needs, or in other words - where to look for the codes.

I also not familiar with the Smarty template so it’s making thing a little bit hard for me. but for this I assist your knowledge and your good will :slight_smile:

I already know how to work with those 2 files that you mention. this thing is that I want to add the “paypal express checkout” button in the “customer info” page on the checkout process. that’s way I’m asking you which file deal with it.

It even be easier for my if you’ll tell me where are the files for the 4 steps of the checkout…

Sorry for the bothering.

In 2.0.x look at /skins/YOURSKIN/customer/views/checkout/components/checkout_steps.tpl.

In 1.3.5, check /skins/YOURSKIN/customer/cart_pages/checkout_steps.tpl


Thank Bob