Customer Has But Wants To Order Later.

I have a customer who has items in their cart but is not ready to order at this time, but will order in a few days. In the meantime he wants to order samples before he places his first order.

How would he keep those items so he does not have to re-enter them in his cart and still order the samples.

Maybe add the cart items to wishlist first. Clear the cart and order sample.

Some of our customers use the wishlist as cscartrocks mentioned to come back and order. I renamed it shopping list.

Can you move items from the cart to the wish list?

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Can you move items from the cart to the wish list?


You can check the wish list on the My Account → Wish list page. There is no way to move all products from the wishlist to cart via one button. The customer should go to each product details page and add product to cart manually. We changed this behavior for several customers. If you are interested, please contact us