Customer email for downloadable receives 403 error

Please for give me if I am putting this in the wrong area but this is the only forum that I can post to. (I only have a trial key and unable to ask questions through the help desk)

I am setting up / testing CS-Cart, all has gone pretty much OK. I have live shipping- UPS, USPS, and FedEx, working along with Paypal and so on.

I am testing downloadable products, but one problem I am getting is in the customers email. The link in the email to the item / file the page returns a 403 error. The email also has two links and neither of them work (same 403 error page).

Here are the links from one of the emails, real name replaced with “sitename”:

PDF Test http://**/cscart/index.php?

PDF test (26 412 747 bytes)

However if the customer logs in to their account and clicks the download link from there all goes well.

To me the links look like they are getting extra stuff put in them like - &amp

What am I overlooking?



Since my post didn’t show up here right away I posted in this question forum area.

[HTML][/HTML] and the solution I found.

I found what I believe is an html error in the template file " edp_access.tpl "

But since I am not an expert on coding, my question now, is this really a error in the html or did I set something up wrong? And then if I am not wrong about the template file, anyone else having this issue?