Customer Cant Print Out Category Listings


I just had customer email me that he wanted to print out the products of a certain category.

Thought this was a simple problem and found i couldnt do it either. All i can print out is first page.

Digging around I found that if i put those items in my shopping cart i was abe to print it out.

then i decided to do a search for those same products and was able to print out the results from the search also.

So for some reason when customer clicks on a categories results they are not able to print it out.

yet they can if done through a search r in shopping cart. Very confused. Is this a security issue.

Any help would be appreciated .

How do you print these pages? Do you use 3rd party plugin or built-in tool of your browser?

I use the browsers tool to print out. Normally I use Chrome I use the IE8 compatability addon as im able to scale the printouts better then any of the current browsers Chrome, opera, edge etc.

Ive tried printing out from all the other browsers also and only get the one page printout. The one page is usually just the header as it doesnt print out the products that are pulled up when clicking the category listings .

Yet as i mentioned if i pull up these same products using the search field im able to print out. Also able to print out if i put those same

items in my shopping cart.

Do you have the same result with demo store?

sorry didnt notice your reply till today.

I went on the demo store and there it worked fine.

If you like visit out website and click any category/ subcategory . Most subcategories have many items .

then see if you can print out list of the products as they dont show up on the print preview screen.

yet if these same products were in my cart or found via doing search you would be able to print them out.

Try to add the following code to CSS section of Theme editor and check

@media print {
    .ty-sidebox__body {
        display: block !important;

(!) Not tested

You guys come through again. Looks like this did the trick.

Thanks again.

You are welcome!