custom template help

I am looking for someone to create a custom products_detail template for me. Most of the work is done, I just need someone with Smarty - PHP experience to complete two features. WIlling to pay, it should be easy money for someone who knows their stuff.

If interested send me a message and I will provide details.


I am still looking for help with this and time is running short. Any help would be appreciated. Here is a description of the work I need:

  1. on the products_detail.tpl display a category array dependent on the selected products sub-category.

  2. At the same time display a drop-down box of the products category’s sub-categories.

    So if product “A” is selected and it belongs to the “DOG” category then the array will display all of the products in the “DOG” sub-categories or the individual sub-category if selected by the drop-down box.

    Additionally the categories array will need to paginate and I have a related products area that I need to paginate as well.

    Here is the link to the dev site and the page in question:

    [URL=“ is Expired or Suspended.”] is Expired or Suspended.

    Feel free to contact me at ANY TIME if you want the job or if you have questions.



I am still looking to hire someone to help with this template.

Please contact me ASAP