Custom t-shirts


I have a t-shirts business and i want to know if someone can help me.

I want to sell custom tee's and i want to offer the possibility to choose multiple size and quantities for the same order.


color navy

medium 3

large 4

x-large 4

2x-large 5

total tee's 16 x 15$= 240.00$

so that way they can order their exact quantity and only one order.

Thanks for the help!


alt team and cs cart rocks both have an addon that will allow a matrix to be used so can all be added to cart at once.

Other than that you have to add, 5 small, then add 5 medium etc etc



can you tell me where i can find this addon?

Here's Alt-Team's:

"Product packages" modification

Note that this is incompatible with Twigmo.

i have te same from cs-cart

good people and great stuff


you can see here

This is custom made Bulk Addon