custom shipping

I have a copy of the trial package and trying out the Custom Shipping Method by using the

LOCATIONS setup. However, I seem to be getting error when I enter the same zip code in for 2 different locations, say 90036. One of the locations deliver on a different day from the other one but i cannot get it to display the 2 location options for the customers selection during checkout.

Also, your manual said to enter the zip-codes like ‘90036’; - but when I enter it like that

it does not return any shipping calculation in the storefront. It says there is no

shipping setup for this customer. Can you help me figure this out. I am still evaluating

this system and need to be sure it will do what we need out of the box based on the

feature list and manual.

That is it for now…

Thanks Forum


This has been discussed countless times in the forum: you cannot have any overlap between locations - a zip code is either in one location or the other.

You can assign the same location to multiple shipping methods so you can use different shipping methods for the different delivery days assigning the appropriate locations to each.