custom shipping problem

Ok so i have UPS and USPS international setup. I am trying to setup a custom free method when the customers order total is more than a certain dollar amount. I follow the directions from the knowledge base but it wont show up at all. I checked the locations and they are fine. Any body have any ideas?

We are going to need more information to make any suggestions. How are the shipping charges set up?

You probably do not need to set up a separate shipping method - you can create free shipping promotion that uses your existing UPS or USPS shipping methods.


Hi Bob,

Edit: got the free shipping promo to work, thanks Bob.

1 last question i want to set up a shipping method based on weight, now again i go through create a new method and put in my dependencies for the location and it does not show up on the check out screen.

Do you have any weight limits defined for the shipping method? If you do, does the total weight of the order fall within these limits?

Other things to consider would be if you are using the suppliers addon or if you use localizations. It is pretty hard to diagnose shipping issues without seeing the way things are set up- there are too many variables.


no localizations setup just locations, no supplier addon. yes the weights are set up and the order i am testing is within those limits.

Do you have any overlap between your locations (same entities used in more than one location)?

If you want me to take a look, you can PM me with admin login credentials. As I said, it is very hard to diagnose the shipping stuff without seeing the way things are set up.


Yeah i have 1 location of washington state for tax and then the USA location has washington in it also.

yup disabled the washington location and BAM it showed up. is there a way around the overlap so i can still charge local sales tax?

Get rid of the overlap. Set up three locations: USA except WA, USA - WA and rest of world. Then set up shipping charges for each location under the shipping method. This will probably fix it.


Thank you Bob that did the trick.