Custom Redirect For Specific Products

As we know, the SEO addon with CSC makes product URL's readable, but they are still quite long.

What I would like is a way to create my own custom URL and have it point to the product page. In other words, I'd still have the long version of the product page URL that CS-Cart assigns, I'd just have an additional URL that points to it.

The purpose in this is to be able to have a very simple URL that I can put into printed literature that customers can easily type directly into their browsers.

So instead of “”

It would simply be:

How can this be done? Does anyone know of an addon that would work?

Sure, please check SEO addon settings

Take the category out of the path in your SEO rules settings and set your SEO name in the product to 'customName'. So you end up with

You will probably incur a small SEO penalty.

Additionally, you could use the SEO hooks to create an additional seo names for each product based on some algorithm that could build the name uniquely. But the SEO "rules" are applied regardless of what the seo_names table specifies. I.e. the category path is NOT part of the data in the seo_names table and is added on the fly.

You could also use