Custom Profile Fields - Required Select

Latest Version of CS-Cart Professional (Licensed)

  1. When adding a custom select field to the user registration etc. even if one states 'Required' - the select does not trigger a validation error. Example:

    Option 1 'Please Select…'

    Option 2 Choice One

    Option 3 Choice Two

    Where Option 2 or 3 is required but default display is 'Please Select…' i.e. selectedIndex of 0

    Clearly the validation does not detect the Option 1 as an 'unselected' state therefore this will just slip through… this seems to be because there is not a 'value' and 'text' field for each option/variant where the first option text (in this case 'Please Select…') would have a null value i.e. value=''.

  2. I would really like to have a number of fields shown or hidden dependant on select field values. I will find a way of doing this but if someone has already achieved this I could do with a quick fix solution as tight deadline…!