Custom Profile Fields - Get populated from Url Params?

Hello All,

I’m working on a copy of CS-Cart 2.2.2 Multi-Vendor for a Company I’m working on, and was wondering the following:

1- How Can I get the Custom Profile Fields to Populate with Data Sent from the URL?


2- Is it at all possible to to Create a New Profile Section?

Any Help would be Greatful.

Use a PHP controller to capture the URL parameters and update he database.

A new section requires you to change the template and to probably populate the template variables for the new section.

@ tbirnseth:

I appreciate your feedback!

I actually got the Custom Fields populated via JQuery. Now that I look back it seems like such an obvious answer!!!

```php {if $smarty.request.}



{/if} ```

Now, I just have to consider how I'm going to break down the new additional Section…