Custom profile field in orders and notification emails

Hello everyone!
I am using 4.16.1 and I have troubles with a custom profile field.
It is visible on checkout page, it is stored in database when order is placed but I cannot add field to notification emails. It is not visible in admin → orders management → edit customer address
I tried to do the same on a fresh install (free version) to localhost and works.
Seems that any custom field is ignored by admin area → order management → customer address and it is not possible to add to notification email templates.

field name is locker_det, id 46
{{s_locker_det}} works on localhost but not on live site

Any thoughts ?


Seems that is something related to backend. Everything in frontend works. Somehow custom profile fields are not available in backend templates/mails.


Unfortunately I was unable to reproduce this issue in the default installation. Please try to disable third party add-ons (if any) and check again. Alternatively, please contact us via Help Desk on this case.

For example, field was added to the Shipping address section. You can use

{{ u.s_fields.37.value }}

where 37 - profile field ID

Hi everyone, thanks for answers

I used DEBUG_MODE true and checked profile fields SQLs for backend order details page. I saw … where checkout_show = ‘Y’ and I found out what the problem was. When a profile field is added, the default value for checkout_show is ‘N’. Only if the field is added to checkout billing/shipping blocks the value in table changes to ‘Y’ and the field is visible in backend and mails. I don’t know if this is intended behavior.
But we didn’t add the field in shipping checkout block, the field was used only by one addon which offers customers easyBox locker delivery. The field and locker selection button was added to checkout page using tpl hook /checkout/