Custom product field

I am trying to create a custom product field for a ‘unit of measurement’.

We are in need of fields for the products that we can enter text/number into for displaying info for each like 'ea., case, lbs., etc

Can anyone help?

You can use Product Features to add additional fields to products including text fields.


Thanks for the earlier response. I however do not quite understand how this is done even after scrolling through the manual. Can you walk me through setting up this example:

We are looking to sell Produce online in gift baskets, individually or in a pack of 3 or 6. The part I need to create custom fields for would be the unit of measure like Each(ea,), Case(cs), Pak/3(pack of 3 pieces), etc

how can i achieve the above either in a checkbox, radio button, etc for me to choose from in the admin while setting up a product and be able to have that display in the store front in the product list and also the detail product page?. I truly hope that I am not asking a lot of you guys… especially of you (jobosales)

thanks guys. can use a helping hand …

Product features will allow you to display additional information on the ‘Features’ tab when the customer views the product detail. First, go to Catalog->Product features and create a new feature (e.g, Unit of Measure) and choose the type (used only in Admin to set up the feature). Then go to Catalog->Product and select the ‘Features’ link where you can then enter your unit of measure. Note that this method will require you to create a separate product for each unit of measure.

A better approach might be to use product options. Select the ‘Options’ link and create your option variants (e.g, each, 3-pak, case) where you can also specify both price and weight modifiers. This will allow the customer to make a choice from a single product detail page.


Sorry. i wanted to include this link for you guys to take a look at to see what I am talking about:


place close attention the the “unit” listing …just a text listing for the customer to know how the product is offered since each product may be listed differently(ea., lb., pak., 6oz., etc). i hope the above links helps and clarifies our needs.