Custom product details page to add multiple variants at once

We are looking for price quote on mod that will allow the users to add multiple variants to cart at once like this site:


For each color, you can pick an “size pack” option

For each color, you can pick a “quantity”

Price with price breaks (as already in cs-cart)

Once added to cart Ajax cart appears to confirm add to cart

Are there any developers willing to develop this mod? Of course, paid.

Your link generates a 404 error for me.

[quote name=‘tbirnseth’]Your link generates a 404 error for me.[/QUOTE]

I am not sure why it does that. You can try this link here:


or you can go to

and click on any shoes

I need this option to, anybody have still already?

Well we are developing something similar and we will bring it out very soon. Actualy is a supercharged product cofigurator where you can define groups of products as a part of a product like normal configurator, but you can have for the first time quantity, one option like color ( for the time) ,and a small product image . So the client just enters the quantity and/or the color and the price is calculated on the fly via Ajax. Then you have your total below the list as well as on the total price of the product, and you can add them all in the cart at once.

Don't know if this is what you mean cause the page you suggest is not working.