Custom page

Hello I want to know if anyone can help direct me to making a custom page to show product information. I dont mean product templates that I know, I am building a modal popup and I need a custom page to just show product information and add to cart capabilities. I know its alot but any help in creating this would be greatly appreciate.

Are you wanting to change (or have a different) product detail page? Or are you wanting to have a custom list for a particular category. Do you want this for showing a single product at a time or a list of products in a category?

How you approach it depends on the answer to that question. You can do a custom list object very easily or you can use a hook named “products:layout_content”. But note that using the hook (unqualified) will result in all your product detail pages displaying as you've laid out in the hook template.

Yes I wanting to create a completely seperate details page as a popup modal using jquery. So on this specific page I dont want to show tabs, header footer, nothing but product, options and add to cart function. I am trying to make my own quick view like you see on many other shopping websites. I got the structure done to do it but I am lost on making the custom details page for it. Any help would be greatly appreciate.

Check the labs, it appears this feature will be implemented in the next release. Could be six months ahead.

The basic premise is to have the controller determine whether it's an AJAX request or not.

Then, set the appropriate variables and call a template that you've written to display in the fashion you want.

What controller (URL) are you using to display your modal window? Can advise further once that's known.