Custom options in chekout

Hello everyone,

I would like to present a few options for customers during the checkout process:

  1. For instance, when a customer selects a shipping method, they will then need to choose a parcel box location from a dropdown menu. It would be great to have this information displayed in the order summary as well as the admin panel.
  2. A similar scenario applies to the payment method and shipping. For one of the methods, it would be beneficial to use radio buttons to select an option. Once the order is placed, this information should be visible in the order summary and the admin panel.

Regarding what I’ve attempted so far, I’ve experimented with cookies and code snippets; however, they haven’t functioned as I had anticipated.

I would be grateful for any suggestions, advice, and assistance. Thank you.

I don’t think it’s that easy - writing custom add-ons for CS-Cart requires some knowledge and experience. You won’t transfer additional information from frontend to backend with one code snippet.
We implement something like that within one of our add-ons: Add-ons :: Integrations :: Shippings :: Integration with InPost by ShipX - in checkout, customer can select one of the parcel boxes from the map.

I think your best bet is contacting one of the professional developers (like us :slight_smile: ), and ask them about paid modification for your store.

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Hi, thank you for answer. I wrote to you.

Also for other guys, please contact me if you think you can easily make this basic job.
Customer selects from dropbox for example “Test1” and it displays in email template in order summary and somewhere in administration near order information. Thats it. I know basic knowledge so information and other stuff I think I will manage to edit by myself.

maybe I’m not reading it right,but it seems simple to me.

For the parcel pick ups can’t you simply enter your parcel lockers as pick-up points (assumes you have the stores and pick-up points add on).

The radio options for payment methods should be a tpl override… not that I have ever played with that myself.

I don’t think so because we have 3 different courers and each of them for example have more than 100 pick up places in whole country. Edit template for shipping and payment options is not the problem yet. Problem for me is display that data in order summary for customer then he gets email and show that selected datas in admin panel on the order.

if you use aforementioned add-on and set up rate areas and assign the pick up points to the rate area then only the closest pick up points to the customer will be displayed to the customer (using the “show to” option for the puck up point).

The selected pick up point, map of pick up point, operating time of pick up point will automatically be printed on order documentation.

payment options can be similarly restricted.

Okay, I have checked and tried work around with Stores and Pickup Points addon. Seems that maybe it is possible to live with it. Little bit inconvenient to add new Pick up points, but maybe I will do it inserting directly to database.

Other question. If I will use this method, I need to change how it looks in checkout template. Perfect would be drop down list. Because by default it is just list and with lot of pick up point it would be long scroll down.

Okey, small update, I found where it can be changed:


now question how to make select option instead of all list? Because I will have more than 100 pick ups…

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