Custom Module For 2.2.4 Compatible With Latest Cs-Cart Release

Hi Guys, I had a custom module developed that allows us to distribute and manage product License Keys for our customers.

Basically a customer will purchase a digital product and the license key module will then distribute the keys accordingly.

We are in the process of upgrading from CS-Cart v2.2.4 to 4x.

However, I'm pretty sure that the module will no longer work with the latest release of CS-Cart.

For any interested parties please contact me via skype for further details and to propose a quote.

Skype : vstudios1



doubtful it will work. You can use our EZ License Keys addon that allows you to manage keys and associate them to purchases based on order status achieved.

Thanks for the reply tbirnseth, but I would sooner use the module I already have and then just get a dev team to make it compatible with the latest stable release of CS-Cart MV.