Custom Modifications

Will pay for 1.3.4sp3 upgrade to CS-Cart version 1.3.5 as soon as possible. Knowledge required to upgrade a cart that has had 8 custom (complicated) modifications performed in the accounting/admin area. Please email . Please include the words “Cart Upgrade” in the subject field for proper routing.

Note: Payment will be administered after completion.



We are in need of some custom modifications. Would you be interested in communicating privately concerning this matter?

Best regards,


PS: I normally don’t have time to participate in forums. I wasn’t sure how to contact you directly. Concerning the subject matter of this message, I hope I haven’t broken any rules.

Hi Dave, unfortuantly I cannot assist you as I’m rather snowed under at the present moment. I’m placing your post here for others who may be able to assist. (ps: removed your email as well)

I may be able to help you Dave if these modifications will not be too time consuming to upgrade. Please send me more information concerning these and I’ll return a quote.