Custom Invoice - adding profile fields

Hello all, i have been customizing and re-styling my invoice.

Path: /Store/skins/myskin/mail/orders

Coming out great so far, much better looking than the default!

How can I add a custom profile field i have created called, company?

$ ?

$profields_b.b_company ?

none see to work.

What is the correct way to reference the field company stored in profile?


Delete the cache version of that template to see if it will recreate it

Turn on Template Debugger then navigate to the user profile area that shows them listed.

It wills how the variables names in the debugger.

It’s considered an extra field so you will have to call the file with:

{include file="profiles/profiles_extra_fields.tpl" fields=$profile_fields.[COLOR="Blue"]B[/COLOR]}

You will need to use it for both B(billing) and S(shipping)

Thank you for the feedback. In the editor, when finding the company name, this is what i find. For example .

fields => Array (3)

34 => “Technica Motorsports, LLC”

Do i need to reference the whole array to get out the profile field?

I also have tried ref the defauly company field

{include file=“profiles/profiles_extra_fields.tpl” fields=$profile_fields.b}

{include file=“profiles/profiles_extra_fields.tpl” fields=$profile_fields.s}

Company: {$profields_b.b_company}


Company: {$user_data_b.b_company}

do I have this syntax correct? user_data comes up under the debugger as the template variable

Im still unsure how to make the company name show up in the invoice for a user. Any additional help please?

I don’t know what version you are using but you shouldn’t have to add anything except “Company” in Users->Profile fields