Custom field added to new shipment form - display new value in shipment details

We have quite a few people packing and despatching orders and I need to keep track of them on an order by order basis.

I have created a new drop down list labelled ‘Packed by’ on the new shipment form as shown in the first attachment. I have done this by adding the following code to the template new_shipment.tpl (I know I should probably create a hook etc but I’m just trying this out):

I added the field ‘packed_by’ to the ‘shipments’ table in the database.

When I create a new shipment, I select a name in the drop down list and on creating the shipment the name is entered in the packed_by field in the database.

What I’d appreciate some help with is how to alter the shipments template ‘details.tpl’ to add the name of the packer to the end of the title line. As shown in the second attachment I can get the label ‘Packed by’ but the content of the database field does not show. I got this far by adding the following (line 17 onwards) to details.tpl


{$lang.shipment} #{$shipment.shipment_id}

{$lang.on} {$order_info.timestamp|date_format:“$settings.Appearance.date_format”}

{$} {$shipment.shipping}{if $shipment.tracking_number} ({$shipment.tracking_number}){/if}{if $shipment.carrier} ({$shipment.carrier}){/if}

	 {$lang.packed_by} {$shipment.packed_by}

I am using version 2.1.4.