Custom Default_Table_Prefix Overwritten During Updates?


We have a CS-Cart site that uses custom table prefixes for the database. We have the appropriate variables configured in:


define('DEFAULT_TABLE_PREFIX', 'custom_prefix_');


$config['table_prefix'] = 'custom_prefix_';

The site works fine with these changes. However, when updating through the Upgrade Center, the config.php file is overwritten with the latest file from the update, reverting the 'custom_prefix_' back to 'cscart_'. This causes SQL errors during the upgrade that must be handled manually in order for the upgrade to complete. Even with manual intervention, once the upgrades are complete, we have some leftover tables with the 'cscart_' prefix mixed in with our 'custom_prefix_' tables.

It appears CS-Cart supports custom table prefixes, but the Upgrade Center does not honor them. Am I simply doing these upgrades incorrectly? I've tried modifying the DEFAULT_TABLE_PREFIX constant in config.php at various steps during the upgrade process to try and force CS-Cart into using our custom table prefix, but have not had any luck.

Thanks in advance for any insight.