Custom Cs-Cart Addon


I am developing an addon for CS-cart .I want to redirect user to a page after addon install.Then get email id from him there and send request to third party server.
After getting success response from that server, I need to add a script tag like in frontend footer.
Can you please help me out with followings:
1. How to add custom page on click of addon
2. How to add custom script tag on frontend


You'll have to develop code to write (or probably replace values) your script so it creates a block.

Does your remote site allow you to specify the URL to return to after you send the email address?

You'd need to use the my_function_name section of the addon.xml to enable you to launch a separate page and most likely return the results in a GET request.

Creating the block is relatively easy if it's simply a script tag. But why wouldn't you just use a addon_name/hooks/index/ file instead? Then it's directly related to the addon.