Custom Contact Form

I was wondering if anyone had any tips for a little something I wanted to do with a contact form.

Basically I want to have a contact form set up that has all the products in a drop down select list, so that the person submitting the form can specify what product they would like to talk about.

Has anyone ever done anything like this before? Any tips?


You would probably have to add a hook to the forms addon and then have a function that created the data you wanted in the selector.

Wouldn’t it be easier for you to simply add an instruction saying “Please include the name of the product you are enquiring about”. My bet is most people will get the selector wrong anyway.

There is a bit of code around here somewhere that will automatically enter the product name in the subject line of the contact form if they select contact us from the product page. It was for 2.0.x so you may or may not have to tweak it for 2.1.x.?