Custom Category Block - Alphabetical Listing

Hi All,

I created custom blocks to display my product categories in separate blocks to break them up into general groups (i.e. - Baseball Stadiums, Football Stadiums, Basketball Arenas, etc.) and have the filling set to ‘manually’.

When I add the Categories to each block, there is no way that I can discern to manually order them. The result is a disordered list that looks unorganized and unprofessional.

What I’m trying to do is set the templates to list the manually added categories alphabetically or according to some criterion set by admin.

Here are the current Block Settings:

Content: Categories

Filling: manually

Appearance: blocks/categories_text_links.tpl

Wrapper: blocks/wrappers/sidebox_important.tpl

I’ve looked at:

skins/your skin/customer/views/categories/components/menu_items.tpl

skins/your skin/customer/blocks/categories_emenu.tpl


skins/your skin/customer/blocks/categories_text_links.tpl

I think that the answer is somewhere in there but I can’t quite figure it out.

I did a search of the forums but couldn’t find an answer and I’m hoping that somebody already tackled this problem or that maybe I’m missing something simple and there’s a relatively easy solution.

Any help is greatly appreciated.