Custom Cable - UK Suppliers of HiFi and AV Cables

Hi all,

I thought it was about time i showed everybody where I am at with my shop. I must say that CS-Cart rocks!!!

We specialise in all cables and accessories for HiFi and AV systems including custom made cables. We are the official spares supplier for Sennheiser headphones and microphones aswell,

would love any feedback on the site.


Not many modifications, but nice. Your SSL links redirect to another server and it looks like this is another website.

About our company is causing trouble with SSL. You should disable SSL for this part otherwise, in IE8 won’t show the map.


cheers dude, yeah we are buying a geotrust SSL licence at the moment but it’s taking a few days but atm we are on shared SSL. We havn’t modded too much as the upgrades from CS-Cart seem to come in thick and fast and it’s alot of work to do :smiley: