Custom Block Position is it possible in the current version?

Is it possible to create a custom block position (i.e. top, left, right, bottom). I would like to create

my own to hold a custom menu but want it to be in a different place than the {$top} block is currently.

I know this is being introduced in the next version but does anyone know how to do it in the current 2.2.4

If you 're doing a custom block then you should be able to position it anywhere you want within the constraints of the outer block position (top, left, right, bottom, central). So if you wanted it generally on the upper right of the top area, you'd simply float it right before you do your main block content…

I want to create a custom block position though just like top but it would be top_nav. It would use its own field in template files otherwise I have to move {$top} in the templates to accomplish what i need which i prefer not to move top.