Custom Block Language Variable - Cant Figure Out This String

EDIT: Figured it out. Addons using scheme 2.0 don't use lang files for blocks. Sooooo to change the string below, it needs language_variable definition in addon.xml, named the same as the addon identifier. Such as:

Owl Carousel

Original Q: We made a block for general Owl Carousel use. For now, it is applied to banners as a new display type (to compliment the slider style default carousel). Eventually i would like to apply it to other blocks as well. Its a simple addon -- just has a schema, a carousel tpl, and a lang file (which i dont need minus 1 string).

Anyways, maybe its just morning brain fart, but I cant get a certain lang string to show up. This block is packaged as an addon, with its schema extending $schema['banners']['templates']. There is a lang PO file, but from what i am encountering here, its generated from something other than an identifier. I used the banners.po as a starting point, but similar strings are not found there either. I have attached a screenshot of the string in question. I tried adding "_owl_carousel" translation but that didnt do it either.