Custom Block Appearance

Has anyone tried to add their own custom “appearance” in blocks?

For example when u select Products in a block, the appearance drop down says


“Multicolums small”



“Short list”

“Hot Deals”

Has anyone added a custom one to this list?

I have edited these files



to copy products2 and make a custom product3

I added products3.tpl to /www/skins/myskin/customer/blocks

and also a custom tpl here


but I cannot get the dropdown list to show “Product 3”.

Any ideas???

I’ve made my own appearance blocks and had them show up in the drop-down. I don’t recall offhand at the moment if there is an extra step that you are missing. I’m sure you’ve already cleared the cache but just in-case, do that and see if it shows up.

yea, cleared the cache on admin and customer…still no dice.

im sure im missing something dumb, just cant seem to find out what that is.

If any of your editing involved a language variable (i.e. $lang.products3) did you create it in Languages?

i added “products3” too, no worky worky

Got it resolved…some caching issues… its working today.

Thanks guys & Zeke!

Within the product3.tpl in customer/block/,

did you edit/add this line?

{** block-description:products3 **}

The name define after the “block-description:” is the language variable name. ^^

Hope that helps!

Thanks, zeke gave me that hint earlier and then it call came together.

Thanks for posting that.