Current version

I've got a license for CS ultimate 3.0 with 3 stores and want to do some work on it. I want to be the current version before I start tweaking. My license supports upgrades if I want.

Is current version Pro 3.0.6 or should I use Community 4.0.3?

These are both in my file area but no Pro 4.0.x.

Log in to your Help Desk Account

Go to Licenses

You should see a license for your domain, below that it will state 'Upgrades available up to/expired on Nov 08, 2013'

You must have upgrades available until today or thereafter to gain access to V4. The 4.0.3 download should be in your File Area if you have available upgrades.

If what you are seeing contradicts this and you cannot see 4.0.3 but your license says “upgrades available to…”, then create a support ticket.

my license goes to may 24, 2014. In my file area is community 4.0.3 and Pro 3.0.6. That's why I ask. Is the Community Edition the same thing?

Contact the helpdesk asking them to update your file area.