Currency Problem With Barclaycard Epdq

Hi guys, our server is on 4.3.5 (upgrade fails so left until we start again on a clean server) and having issues with currency since adding a second site with EURO currency.

Both stores are similar and use ePDQ with one in GBP and one in EURO. However, the amount sent to ePDQ is wrong on the EURO one as it passes the GBP equivalent amount to the processor even though the cart shows the correct EURO price.

I've seen another post about this and having to change some code in the payment processor file and I've tried tweaking the epdq.php file with no success.

Anyone offer any advice?


Well, that was a quick fix. I tried lots of different things and I did eventually sort out the ePDQ file so that it passed the correct currency. It basically meant I had to enable the primary currency in the store so that the code knew that there was a secondary currency. The knock-on was that the site then wanted to use the primary currency as default. Got around that by changing the fn.init.php by adding some code to set currency based on the comnpany number.

$secondary_currency = 'GBP';
if (Registry::get('runtime.company_id') == '16') $secondary_currency = 'EUR';