Currency and coversion question


I don’t know if any CS-Cart user experiences the same thing but here is my problem. At the backend all my prices are in Euros (as my costs are in Euros), at the front-end I show only the TL (Turkish Lira) currency and bill my customer in TL.

The problem is CS-Cart, not having a currency rates history record. This causes all past orders’ order totals to be shown differently each time the currency rate changes. If my customer’s order is let’s say 100 TL on the day of his purchase, after 1 week he may see it as 110TL in his order history. This is very unpleasant and not to happen.

I know CS-Cart holds the prices and order-totals in the primary currency, but if I want to show only the secondary currency at the front-end how can I avoid this inconsistency?

Or maybe I’m missing some configuration item that prevents this situation, I don’t know.

Any help would be appreciated.


Great question…

+1 great question.

Well it’s great ok but no solution?

I honestly don’t see any purpose of using multiple currencies without such a feature…