currencies mod

Hi there,

I’m in need of a modification that will allow me to the following:

I want my base currency to be AUD (Australian Dollar) but I will add another currency NZD (New Zealand Dollar) which will have a rate of 1.2. To my understanding, all prices are set in AUD and then the NZD is displayed as 1.2 times the AUD?

So I would like the base currency to be AUD, but want the NZD to be displayed as the default price.

Anyone know how this could be done? Or how much it would cost to have modifed to do that.


PS. the reason I need this mod is because my business is based in Australia and my new site will sell strictly to New Zealand. I want to set all prices in AUD and then I can adjust the NZD price according to the exchange rate by simply changing the rate value in admin.

I contacted CS-Cart support and they have come through again! :smiley:

I’ve tested it and it works very well!

This is how you do it:

[QUOTE]Yes, it is possible to do. Please insert the following part of code into the “currencies.php” file located in the “core” directory of your CS-Cart installation:

$secondary_currency = ‘NZD’;

where “NZD” is the code of your NZD currency that you define on the “Currencies” page (the link is located in the “Administration” sidebox in your administrator panel).

Save the changes after all.

Please try this and let us know the results.

Thank you.

Sincerely yours,

Alexander Repin

Technical support engineer

CS-Cart Knowledge Base:[/QUOTE]

There is any demo to know more about this code.

I’ve tested this and it does not work for me. Instead of currency I got strange numbers. My main, base currency is euro, secondary set to USD. Is there anything else needs to be changed from admin panel?

Where did you place the? I didn’t do anything extra in the admin, all pretty standard.

This is what yours should look like:

$smarty_mail->assign('currencies', $currencies);
$smarty_mail->assign('primary_currency', $primary_currency);
$smarty_mail->assign('secondary_currency', $secondary_currency);
[B]$secondary_currency = 'USD';[/B]

I placed the code right at the end.

First I placed it above this code and it did not work as should, now everything work well. Thank you!

for some reason, this mod has stopped working for me. just all of a sudden…

nevermind, it is working fine. was just an error on my part :slight_smile: