Curiosity About Product Variations

I recently upgraded to the site, in fact we have been working on them for 4-5 months and we have changed almost all the products because there were almost 15,000 products, many colors, etc.
But I'm curious if anything can be done about the variations:
1. First of all if the variation id can be changed in the page link after the variation name (I already have the seo filter add-on from Alex Branding but it doesn't do the variations)
2. And because we have several colors on an article, for exemple: the first picture of the product is the one with the 4 colors of the product but in fact the second picture is with the picture with the respective color.
And, the question is: we can let the first picture of the product remain displayed on the category page but when the customer enters the product page the second picture will be displayed first.
I have attached 2 pictures.