Cubecart -> Cs Cart -- Is there an import script?

Not that I know of.

Unfortunately not. I had to start all over again but really glad I did.

It would certainly be a nice addon for the CS team to develop…

Importing from Cube and OS commerce…

CS-Cart is much better and would help pull customers from those…

However, if you export your products to CSV and edit in excel, there wouldnt be much (I think) to change to get them imported into CS Cart.

I successfully imported 800 “service” products into CS Cart from my own custom database and took me no more than 30 minutes of playing around to get it right.

I guess I would import product database, then customer database… are there any forseable problems in getting them to all connect up if i import via uploading CSV files?

Have you successfully done this? Or is more involved MySql work needed?

Many thanks to whomever can advise…



Hello, Shannon!

In order to import images, you should do the following:

  1. Copy your images to the “images/backup/detailed” directory of your CS-Cart Installation. Also please make sure that the “images” directory and all its subdirectories have 777 permissions.
  2. Create a CSV file like in the example:

Product code;Pair type;Detailed image "code001";"M";"/PATH/images/backup/detailed/banana.jpg" "code002";"M";"/PATH/images/backup/detailed/apple.jpg" "code003";"A";"/PATH/images/backup/detailed/pear.jpg" "code004";"A";"/PATH/images/backup/detailed/cherry.jpg"

where “Pair type” can be set to “M” - main pair of images, “A” - additional pair of images, “Detailed image” - full path to the image and “PATH” - absolute path to your CS-Cart installation directory.

3. Save this file.

4. In the CS-Cart administration panel, go to Administration> Import data > Images.

5. Upload your CSV file.

6. Click the Import button.