Csv Products Export File Conversion


I've got a new problem using the csv exported file of my products.

I need to convert it in xls or xlsx (Excel), and it fails (Perhaps because of one column which is containing ehe URL products links, both french and russian wrotten ?).

the exemple:


I need to use this URL in russian to be sure to redirect customers on the russian page of the product.

But Convertio/ru, the online soft I used, refused to do that.

The error message is " We can't convert files in the direction HTML->XLS yet"

Has anybody some idea ?

My configuration for calc (open office), to open the file, is

- unicode UTF-8 for characters

- french as langage (same result with russian)

Me be the the issue coming from mix of french and russian in the same sentence ?

I don't know, because conversion of tittles are always ok, and they are containing both languages (ex: Сыр "Рокфор" ("Roquefort") "Red Label")

Any other soft to do that ?

thanks for your help