CSV Product and Image Import - Image Upload Fails

We’re having trouble successfully importing images via the Admin > Import > Products Import tool.

The CSV product data looks good, and the path should be perfect. We are adding the ALT text to the image data as described in the Admin > Import Products > Notes > Image import format area.

Does anyone know if the image import via CSV is still an issue, as described in [url]http://forum.cs-cart.com/showthread.php?t=6148[/url] ?

Also, is it possible to import directly from one’s local computer to the web server, via CSV product import? It would be useful for us to maintain the images locally, then upload via CSV when the product information changes, etc.

I find it best to use “Comma” for the CSV delimiter. Everything in the “Notes” looks foreign to me simply because I don’t use that format.

You need to upload your image files to /root/images/backup and when you import your CSV file, the images will be grabbed from /root/images/backup.

You have the option of importing/exporting from local, server, and URL. Local is default.