CSV imported Features don't get selected in the Product features When importing Prod

When importing Product features from a CSV files, they do not get assigned to the related products after import. I followed the same procedure as in 1.3.5 which is to manually create the features in the admin section before the import. It didn’t work…

Anybody can enlighten us on this issue/bug?

I am having the same problem. Can you write down what your product features are? I have a suspicion that it doesn’t work if your product features include “:” a colon. If that’s the case we need to figure out how to escape that character in the csv file.

Here’s what my product features look like in my .csv:

“Material: Material: Solid Mahogany Wood; Finish: Finish: Choice of Classic Mahogany or Dark Cherry Finish”

I just followed the instructions from the cs-cart KB:

[QUOTE]Features. The imported features must be in the Feature name: Feature value format where Feature name - the name of a feature, Feature value - the feature value. Several features must be delimited by a semicolon. Please note that it is required to create features on the Product features page before (!) applying them to the products.[/QUOTE]

So my features look like this:

ISBN: 1233423423; Author: Shakespeare

I did create as instructed “ISBN” and “Author” features manually from the “Product Features” option in the admin section, but when I import, the features are not being assigned to the products.

I hope this will be fixed before the final release… I use features massively in my website and that would be a pretty bad downgrade. :confused:

Hmm… I don’t know if this will be fixed considering I am using v.1.3.5 SP1, not the 2.0 beta and it wasn’t fixed in this stable version. Perhaps it was fixed in one of the other 1.3.5 SPs, can anyone confirm?

I think I found a workaround to the bug. Try this:

  1. Delete the product features
  2. Re-create the product features
  3. Import your CSV

    If that doesn’t work try re-importing the CSV except this time check the box that says “Delete all existing product files before import”

    Let me know how it works.

Ya, sorry. My solution didn’t work… I guess it’s one for the bug list.

yeah it didn’t work for me, do you know how to add that to the bug list?

I posted it. You can subscribe here: [url]http://forum.cs-cart.com/vbugs.php?do=view&vbug_id=913[/url]

It would be good if cs-cart developers looked at the Prestashop Csv import features, it is really simple and powerful, you can specify as many feature columns during the import on the fly!

And you get to see a mapping preview of the CSV columns before the import.

If they can do it for a free shopping cart, I’m sure cs-cart can do at least the same :wink:

[url]Dashboard - PrestaShop documentation

very neat!

Looks great! But right now, I’d settle for a bugfix to importing product features over a complete revamp of the importing system which could take months.

True, a fix is desperately needed, I don’t see myself entering manually product information for 3000+ products, it would be impossible to use cs-cart for me. Let’s hope this is going to be fixed before the stable version release.