Csv File Does Not Import Images - Upgrade Problem?

I have been trying to import images for pe-existing products but the images don't import and I may or may not get an error. Finally I reduced my images CSV file to one image and it appears to import without error but when I examine the record there is no image. I have tried different types of CSV files with same results. This is incredibly frustrating as I need to get these products up. With the one line I am sure there is no garbage in the file yet the image fails to import. I generally have success importing images in the same way. I am using a tab delimited file.

Here's my one record from a tab delim text file, and the line is attached below:

Product code Pair type Detailed image Position

“11988” “M” “exim/backup/images/11988_1-Goldilocks-wood-Xenis-doll.jpg#{[en]:Detail image of Goldilocks wood art doll by Marlene Xenis.;}” “1”

I know the files are in my images directory and I'm wondering if the upgrade we just did is responsible. Of course it happened on a Friday so there is no hope of tech support for probably 4 days. I can link them manually if need be but then I'll need to manually enter ALTs which would be a pain. If I link manually from the product page to files on my local computer using the exact same named files will it be the same as importing? That is, will the local file just overwrite the file already in my images directory and use the same path it would when importing a file of same name? The interface for linking to server files is too slow and basic to use.

Thanks for any insights that might enable me to make plans for the weekend. : )

Ive got a similar issue and have also exhausted every possible option.

Although I am trying to import them into v2.1.4. Export is from v4.2.4 but the CSV format is exact.

Have tried with and without absolute paths,

Some products dont have a “root” product code, but instead have the code in Option Combinations.

So Im damned if I know how cscart can work out what images belong to these products.

Im guessing its not working because the import functions associate by the Product ID rather than Product code.

Or is the Product Code the reference to match the image with the product.?

Actually Ive just managed to import the product images from 4.2.4 to 2.1.4.

So the association is the Product Code.

  1. Make sureb all your products have base product codes, even if relying on Oprtion Combinartions for the codes.
  2. Copy the images over to a folder under the destination shop folder:


    from: /home/onwirele/public_html/[source]/var/files/1/exim/backup/

    to: /home/public_html/[destination_folder]/var/exim/from-carphone/
  3. Remove the absolute path from the filenames in the exported product_images_general_76366667.csv file.

    Also check for odd lines that dont have the product code and delete the lines.
  4. Enter the absolute path to the new location of the images in the Images directory box.
  5. upload the csv file , and Import.