CSS switching


I would like to have two separate CSS styles for our store :

number 1 - the current CSS style

number 2 - a completely different CSS style, basically inverse in colour.

I will need a a new logo, and one item in the top menu changed - “for him” becomes “for her” and vice versa.

Fist I’ll install a copy of the current store locally, to mess with it and change the CSS style at will. I’m reading about CSS switching, and wonder if anyone did this on CS-Cart before.

Any hints on how to proceed?

I had the cs cart team do this for us. We have a color changes across the site depending on what catagory the user is in. To take a look go www.jdneedleart.com

Dave DeWitt

That’s a simple if else statement.

Something like:

{if $category_data.category_id == “7”}

{elseif $category_data.category_id == "30"}

{elseif $category_data.category_id == "32"}


Wow, thats exactly what I needed, Triplets! so I’ll just add this data.category to each page to set the corresponding css?

is there a way to assume a certain (the current) css style and only change it if a specific data.category is set - so I wouldnt need to add this to every page?


What if I have subcategories