CSS post.tpl not being read?

I cloned a default blue skin and made some changes directly to the css (1st attached image). I then went into the default blue skin and created a MyStyles file in the my_changes directory with the necessary styles.post.tpl in the index directory. I also created an images directory in the my_changes directory. I then copied the styles file from the cloned skin into the MyStyles file and added the images I’d changed to the images directory. What I’m finding is that not all the changes I made in the cloned skin show up and not all the images seem to be being read. I’m confused - I must be missing something but can’t see what.[attachment=4992:dbf.png][attachment=4993:def blue.png]


def blue.png

Unless an image path starts with a '/', it is considered to be relative to the directory where the css file lives. So if you have


  • css

    – MyStyles.css
  • images

    – foo.jpg

    Then a url for foo.jpg must be specified like:


Thanks for the reply - I got most of it working - just a couple of icons in the categories menu not showing up. So I'll go check the url's and see what's what.