CSS help!

Just did an upgrade to 2.1.2 (still have to do the others) but as i have lots of CSS changes to the template everytime i upgrade i have to go through and fix all the problems… i hate it.

Anyway after doing this last one, i have a problem i cant fix and dont know where to find this piece of code to change it back so the title is at the top again without the gap.I have attached a screenshot to get some help. If someone can tell me which style sheet/file and which line number please :slight_smile:




First off, if you want to change CSS, you should be doing it in hooks with a differently named stylesheet. Then you won’t get bothered during upgrades but you might still have to make some changes since class names and id’s do tend to change over time. But at least then you would have a single location that only contained your changes. You might read this for more info:


Not knowing what you had changed before it is difficult to tell from your picture what you want. If you just want your Welcome area to spread across all three columns, why don’t you just make it an html block in the “Top” area?

Oh My God! It doesnt matter anymore as ive just stuffed up royally :x

Ive somehow managed to do the next upgrade but delete all the old files… so i can revert GAH omg…

So… maybe i will be looking at the hooks thing. I did try and do that initially but couldnt get it to work.

Looks like i have a long night ahead of me!