.css class in product tabs

I have managed to get the class (tablejb) assigned and I have put my code in my local styles in my changes but I am also getting borders around my grid list is category view

I have the table somehow how I want it (please see logo costs tab on product details page) but dont know why the border are also showing around grid list.

(bear in mind it took me 2 hours how to eventually figure out how to get this all sorted :):slight_smile: )

I assume its the td but when i remove it I lose all the formatting from the logo costs tab too.



tablejb {<br />
width:91%;<br />
border-top:1px solid #e5eff8;<br />
border-right:1px solid #e5eff8;<br />
margin:1em auto;<br />
border-collapse:collapse;<br />
}<br />
td {<br />
color:#678197;<br />
border-bottom:1px solid #e5eff8;<br />
border-left:1px solid #e5eff8;<br />
padding:.3em 1em;<br />
text-align:center;<br />

Hi John

Yes, it is the border-left attribute which is being applied to this causing two borders to be applied virtually on top of each other.

Create a “.product-cell td” class without the margin-left declaration and this will hopefully fix it, appears to do when editing with Firebug, but at present, all within the are using one single 'td' CSS declaration despite having different class names applied to the td elements.