CSS being set by JS - breaks product display

I have a problem with the display of my product pages (It seems to be occurring only since the update to the latest version - although I can’t totally confirm that).

What is happening is that the #product_info is having css added by JS



I am not entirely sure what this code is meant to be doing, but it seems to force the incorrect width on a number of my products.

Can anyone explain the idea with this script?

and perhaps lead me to the right template to remove or edit it?

OK, a temp fix…

I edited the template to manually set the correct margin.

ever since the introduction of the image carousel I have had a nightmare with product display… it really messed things up for me and I can’t seem to really get rig of it.

I have had to go through my products and delete images… so that I have no more than 3 since the carousel script broke everything if the width got any higher.

Would have been nice to have the option to use on not use this new ‘feature’

That sort of F*(& up is about enough to get me to switch from CS-cart… even if I just spent a couple months upgrading my site.

I have the same issue, will try your temp fix.

I think I can explain visually:




OK, that makes some sense, but is there a fix?

Better yet can we turn OFF the JS?

AND turn off the carousel ‘feature’?

I am under the impression that it is the carousel that added this to the site… and since I have no need for it I really hope to remove it.

please help???

ok this thread seems to have the OFF switch listed…


I am testing now to see if this will correct the problem for me and I can go through and add back all my extra images again … FUN :evil: