Hello, I don’t know what is causing it, but my cart started adding csid’s to my URLs, it is also adding a notation about the language and currency. It has never does this before, does anyone know why it would start doing it now?

Thanks, Brandon.

Did you enable SSL recently? When it goes from https to http it needs to put these in the query string as sessions can’t be passed along.

Hey Zyles, yeah I did install a SSL yesterday. I didn’t realize that would put session IDs in thr URLs, thanks for the info. But do you know why it only does it on some of the https URLs?

Thanks, Brandon.

What do you mean only on some? It does on first inbound or first outbound click from https to http or vice versa. After that it stores it in the session. I assume that it needs to recreate the session everytime you change protocol.

I am mean that it is not putting a session ID in all HTTPS urls. And it is not always adding them to the first clock out of one either. Do you have any idea why it is doing this?


It doesn’t put id on all my urls either. Only when it transfers from one protocol to the other.

Is it causing any functionality problems? Otherwise you shouldn’t need to worry.

No, its not causing any functionality problems. I still don’t get why it puts a session Id in some https urls and not others… Should I try to reinstall?

Not if there are no problems besides that. I don’t see a reason to.