CSCartSkins – Custom CS-Cart Skins and CS-Cart Templates.

We just opened up over the weekend and would like to get your thoughts on what you see. We still have a few more things to add/tweak but couldn’t stand the sight of seeing our “coming soon” page anymore. :smiley:

Not to be too critical, especially since Cs-Cart templates are badly needed and in short supply. But your templates do not look much different than the free ones that come with Cs-Cart.

Yes, you changed the header, the background image and the color of the links. But other than that, it is the same Cs-Cart template and layout.

I realize you are just opening shop, but I hope to see some more variations and creativity in the layout.

Good start though,




I don’t think they are as close as you think. For example, the “Gray Matter” is a two-column design while the CS-carts are three columns. Many people have been asking/trying to get two column layouts. Looks like they may be fixed width, not positive, but people have been asking for that. May be similar, but different.

The one comment I would like to make is that when navigating the sample templates using Firefox 3 (have not tried any others), it always goes to the standard CS-cart template and then you have to use the dropdown to see that page in the sample skin.

I am happy to see skin designs being developed for CS-cart. There are complaints that there are not enough. If adding skin choices will draw more people in using this cart, then everyone who develops mods, skins, services will benefit.


Don’t get me wrong. I appreciate your work and project. It is definitely well needed. But your templates look more like the ones at the bottom of the page at [url]CS-Cart Websites | See marketplaces and shops using CS-Cart than the top ones. My rule of thumb is, if I can tell what brand cart it is just by looking at a template than the template is too basic. Unfortunately, I can tell immediately yours are Cs-Cart.

But of course some people are looking for these simple type mods and templates and your product will meet their needs. I am just hoping you take it to the next level and create some advanced templates.

Thanks for the comments!

Yes we are just starting out and there will be more advanced templates for sure. As you have mentioned, there are people looking for the basic look, but then again there are some that want a more advanced look…we will get there by offering both. :smiley:

Not sure what that bug is when it switches back to the cs-cart basic skin in the demo…the funny thing is that it does it to me only half the time.

I thought that by opening the demo up in the same window, it would resolve the issue…but it didn’t work.