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We’ve just gone through our second “re-skin” with Jason at and I would have to say that he does a wonderful job. This site was a little bit harder because the product we sell is automotive fasteners…which just isn’t the most exciting thing in the first place.

His price is fair, his service is great and I love the finished product. He is very easy to work with, even when the website is a little harder to come up with something for.

You can see his new skin at www dot thecliplink dot com

While all of the images are not on the product, you will be able to catch the feel. We have over 8,000 products and have a little ways to go on getting images for every nut and bolt.

Nice design!!! Big fonts are so lovely!!!:slight_smile:

BTW, how is the live help service or product you use? Is it good?

[quote name=‘joe’]BTW, how is the live help service or product you use? Is it good?[/QUOTE]

We switched to this livehelp because it allows me to provide livehelp for all of our company sites from one livehelp admin area. We have had it for about 2 weeks now and we LOVE IT!

The “multiple domain license” is what we bought at…

[url]Chatstack - Live Chat Software, Live Support Software, PHP Live Chat

We liked the idea of owning the software and not having to pay a monthly fee. We also like the idea of having multiple domain names and multiple users.

The most important thing i think is how to keep all messages on your server but not others’.

This live help is cool on that!