Cscart V4.3.4 Dynamic Categories

has this been discontinued in V4? the dynamic categories option is missing in the categories block

Yes, for some reason it is marked as deprecated in the code:

anyone has any ideas on how to bring it back or display sub categories in side menu?

Remove in app\schemas\block_manager\blocks.php

This text (around Line 401):


* @deprecated deprecated since version 4.3.4
and (around Line 433):

* @deprecated deprecated since version 4.3.4
'dynamic_tree_cat' => array(
'params' => array(
'visible' => true,
'plain' => true,
'request' => array(
'current_category_id' => '%CATEGORY_ID%',
'session' => array(
'product_category_id' => '%CURRENT_CATEGORY_ID%'
'settings' => array(
'parent_category_id' => array(
'type' => 'picker',
'default_value' => '0',
'picker' => 'pickers/categories/picker.tpl',
'picker_params' => array(
'multiple' => false,
'use_keys' => 'N',
'default_name' => __('root_level'),
'sort_by' => array(
'type' => 'selectbox',
'values' => array(
'position' => 'position',
'name' => 'name',
'default_value' => 'position'

Yes, please try the solution of and let us know the result

ok, i tried it and it works fine..

Why on earth did they decide to remove it?

@imac, why? :)

Could it be part of the effort to speed up the software ?


Thanks for the info and suggestions above, appreciated.

Confirm that for now at least re-enabling (uncommenting) the schema definition in blocks.php works.

Clarification on why this was deprecated and any alternative for the future welcome.

It's very useful to be able to display a sub-menu, limited to sub-categories of the selected root category.